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Sandi Sinicrope

FOUNDER / CHEF - Las Vegas

Chef and Founder Sandi Sinicrope is the creator of something that possibly no one has done before bringing two continents of chefs together to work as one amazing team. Here at the JoyFULL Kitchen we offer a unique social platform for chefs and enthusiast of the culinary arts to meet and to truly enjoy a culinary adventure. Our chefs are graduates of the greatest culinary academia in the world.

We offer hands on cooking classes, groups (team building in your kitchen), full service catering, behind the scenes restaurant tours (encompassing farmers markets and vineyard excursions in the US and abroad!)

Our specialized training teams provide unique and enjoyable Team Building trainings to ignite your team and to improve your firms communication and performance. Contact us today to speak to someone about your next adventure or meeting.

Benny Graves


Since graduating culinary school in 2002, cooking is the only job I have had.  I have also been fortunate to have worked in some of the greatest kitchens in the world. From Beverly hills, to Dallas, to Vegas and even as far as the Middle East where I experienced and fell in love with the abundant of spices, vegetable and fruits. 

My first introduction to fine food dining was at Jones on First in Beverly Hill, CA. where many Hollywood celebrities would dine. As I presented to them my plates and saw them look at their plate, and then up at me….and smile, that was the spark. From then on I concentrated on my fine dining skills.

It was a restaurant in Israel that gave me my first opportunity to prepare gourmet cuisine. The Olive Leaf in the Sheraton hotel was led by one of Israel’s premier chefs, Charlie Fadida. From there I moved to the ultra-gourmet Aubergine restaurant in Tel Aviv and it was there that I had my first international article written about me.

Since returning in 2017 as a private chef, I have been able to help whole families to eat healthy. I have also conducted cooking classes for Cozymeal where I highlight the art of great tasting and healthy foods from around the world. 

My style of cooking now is a healthy fusion of all the foods I have encountered, always making sure that I serve a healthy balance between the food groups. Always making sure that the food is not only delicious, but beautiful as well. I especially enjoy preparing vegetarian and vegan dishes. 

I’ll be honest, it is not the food that I enjoy the most, it is seeing the happy reaction of those that share my food.

Dot Roane


I am a native Bostonian (Go Red Sox!) although I went to school and enjoyed living in California for many years.

I am a culinary graduate from UCLA. Since graduating I have worked in the high end of many restaurants & culinary institutions. (The Beverly Hills Country Club, Fleur De Vin- Pasadena CA, L’ Orangerie and the Kitchen for exploring foods) 

I am also proud to have been a volunteer and staff member of “Share our Strength Cooking Matters Program.” This program teaches low income families how to make healthy meals on a budget. 

I have also worked as a high end private chef for many years here in New Hampshire as well as California.

Carrie Shay

Chef - London,Oxford, Reading England

A rosette level chef who has worked in many Michelin Star Restaurants and with many amazing chefs who are at the top of their culinary fields. She is available to come to your permanent or vacation home after a day of hard work or sightseeing, and cook a gourmet meal procured from locally source suppliers. Carrie is also in the process of arranging Special Restaurant Tours with prix fixed menu options that are only available upon special request. Check back often for the special dates, of these tours.

I grew up eating home cooked modest food and used to watch my grandma cook meals for the entire family of twelve!. She had such love and passion for it and she always made it look effortless. Every meal always had a fresh green salad included and she always topped the salad with grated fresh carrots ( her trademark) this is where my passion for food began. I love to create food with the flavors of a good home cook highlighting the flavor of good honest food. This is the food I love to eat.

I started working in the hospitality field at the young age of 15, first as a server and a come pot washer, which gave me the incentive to begin my college education courses in order to complete my qualifications. After which I knew then and only then would I be taken seriously in any commercial kitchen.
I then began as a short order chef and slowly and steadily worked my way through restaurants, public houses and hotels, often not with a lot of encouragement.

Sometimes I received a lot of negativity telling me I would never make it, which only fueled my fire and passion to want it more! Because of my strong work ethic and constant learning of new skills I was promoted to senior chef de partie. While still being on probation, the hotel also started my rosette level which allowed me to work with the freshest seasonal produce that could be sourced locally. I was then sent for a trial at my first Michelin Star Restaurant. I took this time very seriously and gratefully which allowed me to wort with some of the most amazing chefs. 

I have recently moved to a city where there is an incredible diverse food scene and have decided to become a freelance chef. Working as often as I possibly can while still honing my skills and gaining more culinary experiences and knowledge.

Audrey Mukherjee

Chef - Kuala Lumpur, West Malaysia

Audrey Mukherjee aka Aloh Rani Chakraverty ( official name), born in Sarawak, East Malaysia, spent almost 30 years in different parts of India.

Married to a tea planter and having a exotic vegetable garden that is an envy of everyone in that district, she found her interest in cultivating her culinary skills.

Now in Kuala Lumpur, W. Malaysia, she began sussing out an event company to introduce her underground supper club.

She was an English language trainer but had to devote time at home, caring for her cancer surviving husband. Very passionate about teaching, classes in cooking will be second nature to her..

Looking forward to sharing her passion in cooking and as Luciano Pavarotti says” one of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating”.

Martine Guerra


Martine has worked in the culinary industry for the past 14 years in many positions ranging from a line cook, demonstrator, sous-chef and chef entrepreneur. She was classically trained at Johnson and Wales University where she graduated with honors with a B.S. in Culinary Arts.

Her list of employment stretches from coast to coast with prestigious companies such as Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida all the way to The Compass Group in California. She currently works as a Chef de Partie for a Forbes 5 star resort in Las Vegas as well as owns her own company focusing on cakes and culinary services.

While Martine now calls Vegas home, she is a southern girl at heart and believes that southern hospitality will never go out of style. She puts that hospitality into everything she does from supporting and volunteering with local non-profits to the classes she is excited to teach you. Martine also has a passion for teaching and has taught all ages in many different facets of her life so being able to offer her services here at Joyfull Kitchen is a perfect fit.

Martine is very versatile and you will be excited to see her range of classes from child focused lessons and themes, nutritionally balanced classes to glamorous cakes and indulgent southern cuisine. Come share in her passion and feel welcomed at her table as if you were family!

Jenny and Derek Slater

Chefs - Creuse, France

A Scottish Couple with a dream to live a simpler life close to nature. Guardians of “The Forest of The Stars” in a quick train trip from Paris, Limoges, or Bordeaux.
Jenny comes from a long line of great Scottish Home Cooks, although she and Derek have the skills to prepare a roasted turkey dinner for 10 including all the trimmings, she wouldn’t dream of it.

She has been a vegetarian for over 10 years and has been leaning towards being a vegan for the past year.
Jenny is a self-taught Intuitive Cook/Aromatherapist-Healer (a former social worker) who has been cooking since she played with pastry cut outs at age of 3!

Jenny completed her Advanced Raw Food Training in July 2016 with the inspirational Kate Magic a Founding Pioneer of the Raw Food Movement, in the UK.
Jenny’s specialty is creating delicious seasonal dishes with what is fresh and available locally. She loves making raw cakes and innovative raw chocolates like her “hormone boosting” Menopause Chocolates!
We offer organic food from out doorstep, our own veggies, herbs, and fruit or from our many local markets

Eating Fresh organic food and unplugging from technology and reconnecting to your heart.

The location of all the classes are in the comfy kitchen or chalet at the top of a small hill in the heart of the Limousin Countryside in the National Park

JJ Christian

CHEF - Kansas City

Chef JJ Christian has 27 years in the food industry now, and an associate degree in Culinary, Food Safety Manager Certified, Certified Chef de Cuisine, Certified Personal Chef, currently working on his bachelors in business management.

Well versed in a vast array of all types of cuisines, with catering and Italian as his favorites. He also enjoys private parties and teaching.

Chef JJ is different from other Chefs in that he has so much experience in all types of cuisines and cooking styles and has worked multiple jobs at the same time throughout his career.

He is a very straight arrow when it comes to work ethic and integrity, creating a family atmosphere for his team.

Focused on family and providing for them, Chef JJ brings all his energy and passion to any job, knowing that working hard takes care of them.

Currently chef consultant for The Distrikt Biskuit House and Cater Kansas City private dining and catering.

Chef has a beautiful family with his step-daughter Tyler (22), step-daughter Peyton (15) and son Duke (4). Supported and raised up by his amazing wife Rachel.

Chef JJ is no stranger to working hard and pushing himself and all others on his team to be the best they can be in any situation or job.

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