Forest of The Stars Reatreat

Forest of The Stars Reatreat

Our Accommodations are located in a bright, cosy Eco-chalet surrounded by trees…

We offer a warm welcome to people who want to ‘unplug’ from their lives and connect with their ‘wild!’

Doing what we love while living in a beautiful and peaceful location…encouraging you to do so to when you go home…..You’ll be amazed at how clear, relaxed and revitalized you feel after a couple of days here.

Here, we nurture our guest’s bodies and souls. Deeply.

Eating fresh organic food, unplugging from technology, and reconnecting to your heart through a nature….Offer you a more simple, sacred life….To feel great inside and out….take time to smell the coffee beans…listen to the birds…breathe deep….love deep….feel Alive….all the stuff that we lose sight of….well, cos we’re too darned busy!

The location of Forest of the Stars is at the top of a small hill in the heart of the Limousin countryside in a National Park. What we do is provide delicious Vegan, Raw, and Veggie Food -Nature experiences which spark off deep transformation.

What we propose at The a Forest of the Stars is to offer Transformational Organic Food & Nature Retreats
Stays of 5 full days, 6 nights:- arrive Friday, depart Thursday

Forest of The Stars Reatreat





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